Italian Villa Rental Villa Cappelli FIn the first part of a two part podcast, you’ll learn all about the northern coastal towns of Puglia and why they are some of the best in the world, including Peschici, Vieste, Margherita di Savoia, Barletta, and Trani. So put on your sunscreen and join us for amazing ports, beaches, seafood and more.

Topics we cover

  • Our impression of Peschici and Vieste in the Gargano
  • Why the drives are worth the visit to these towns
  • Why Monte Sant’Angelo is one of the two most important religious sites dedicated to the archangel Michael
  • And what makes Monte Sant’Angelo’s archangel appearances are so special
  • The beautiful drive around Margherita di Savoia
  • The fact that our sea salts come from the flats of Margherita di Savoia, in three varieties:
  • Where we got the name Erbe di Puglia
  • Barletta and it’s giant legend, no, really a legend about a giant and the statue in Barletta
  • Trani a cute port town in Puglia [link]
  • The funny thing about Trani weddings
  • How it’s tourist friendly without being touristy
  • The boat at Trani we hope guests rent at some point, which includes sailing, fishing, grilled fish and karaoke
  • A culinary tour that is staying with us now lead by Michael Howell
  • His food film festival in Canada called Devour!
  • Why we love the cathedral so much in Trani
  • What famous person’s bones you can find in the Trani cathedral (Hint: he comes around every Christmas, and it’s not Jesus)
  • Trani’s Jewish Ghetto

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You might think growing up in a small town in Texas wouldn’t prepare you to live the Italian lifestyle. But in many ways — the family values, the small town culture, the love of food — is very similar to what you’ll find in Italian culture. In fact, I expect it’s pretty universal. Having been married to an Italian for 20 years, it’s been fun to learn and explore the rich Italian culture and share it with you.