Villa Cappelli Aperol Spritz
Prep time
Total time
A light and refreshing aperitif.
Recipe type: Drinks
  • 3 Parts Prosecco
  • 2 Parts Aperol
  • 1 Part Soda (or sparkling water if you're in a jam)
  1. Fill your glass with ice. For the "parts," count out your pours in seconds. So for "3 parts," count to 3.
  2. So pour your prosecco into your glass for a count of 3. Then your Aperol for a count of 2. then your soda or sparkling water for a count of 1. Stir and garnish with an orange wedge if you desire. Enjoy!


When the summer months hit in Italy, the Aperol Spritz comes out in full force.  And it’s no hard to see why.  The drink is amazingly balanced between tart and sweet (think adult lemonade without the lemon) and, come one, the color just rocks.

What is Aperol?

Their website describes it as “the perfect aperitif.”  Which if you don’t know, is a drink you consume before eating to stimulate your appetite.

It’s bright orange in color and is madw with bitter and sweet orange, herbs and roots.  Just sounds healthy, no?

How to enjoy it

You can actually enjoy just over some ice or with a splash of soda.  The soda variation, to be honest, I consider just another for of a “spritz.”  A poor man’s spritz if you will.

If you don’t have prosecco any sparkling wine will do.  The prosecco itself has that same flavor balance of tart and sweet, so it complements the aperol well.

Also, traditionally, manly folks will add a slice of orange to their Aperol Spritz.  Totally optional, but does add some more color and eye candy.

Italians also like to add two straws to a lot of their mixed drinks. Why?  Who knows.  But I personally ditch the straws and drink it right from the glass.  It’s not as slurping drink.  It’s a sipping drink.  One to be enjoyed in an Italian piazza with friends.

When to enjoy it

As I said before, it is traditionally an apertif, to be consumed before your meal. Italians almost never drink without eating, so you’ll usually see them munching on some crackers, chips, olives or nuts with their drink.

Traditionally a summer drink, I mean, that color just screams summer.  But it can be enjoyed all year round.  You might e frowned upon by some Italians due to the fact you are drinking something over ice during the cold weather, but live dangerously and go for it.

Where to find it

Campari, Aperol’s stronger cousin, is probably more commonly found outside of Italy, but Aperol is making headway.  You’ll most likely find it on the menu and stocked behind the bar at Italian restaurants.

Hopefully you can even find it at your local liquor store. Please let me know in the comments where you can find it in your area so other’s know as well.

So go grab a bottle, a glass, some ice, and try your own spritz today!

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