Paul and StevenThis episode’s all about the villa and Puglia, Italy.  Why we are here, what the villa was like when we found it, and what it’s like running an agriturismo and villa rental in Italy.

You’ll discover:

  • That Puglia has been called “The new Tuscany,” but why Paul feels is should be called “The old Tuscany”
  • The history of the area, more specifically the Bari area and Puglia
  • Why there are so many red heads in all the nearby towns
  • What unusual shape the cave under our garden is in — dating from 2000 B.C., no one is quite sure why it is in the shape it is
  • How old the tomb was we found about a 50 meters from the villa’s front door
  • The problem with digging in Italy.
  • Why we chose Puglia, Italy, to settle in Italy
  • The state of the villa when we found it
  • How 911 led us to Puglia
  • What you can and cannot buy in Italy if you’re a resident
  • A bit about how the guild system works in Italy
  • What are blue cars and how many Italy has
  • What Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel and Helen Mirren have in common
  • What’s the deal with ethnic food in Italy

Pictures of Villa Cappelli back in the day

To see how Villa Cappelli looks today, click this link to

Puglia, Italy and Villa Cappelli
Villa Cappelli as we found it.
Puglia, Italy and Villa Cappelli
The garden was dirt. The pool was non-existent as was plumbing and electricity.
Puglia, Italy and Villa Cappelli
The insides weren’t much better. Even the windows were bricked up.
Puglia, Italy and Villa Cappelli
The kitchen had no roof nor floor. But at least it still had it’s brick oven (to the left).



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