Italian Weddings Villa Cappelli FLearn all about the spectacle of an Italian wedding. From tons of Italian food, to music and dancing, to some interesting traditions, a wedding in Italy is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Find out all about them in this podcast.

Topics you’ll hear about:

  • Anna Vocino, who does our voice over intro
  • A little about the nearby town of Bitonto
  • The funny thing the priest said at the end of a ceremony we just went to
  • What the wedding spaces are like here
  • Who gets more drunk at weddings, Italians or Americans
  • Why there are so many babies at Italian weddings
  • Where Italians leave their sleeping babies
  • The food at an Italian wedding and the crazy amount of it
  • The Italian wedding we went to years ago that had almost twice as much food
  • What ballerinas have to do with the wedding cake at this wedding
  • What they put out at the dessert tables (not just dessert)
  • How “gifts” work at Italian weddings
  • How there are no bridesmaids or groomsmen at Italian weddings
  • How the bride and groom sit alone at an Italian wedding
  • An extreme wedding tradition in Andria, Italy
  • Dancing traditions at Italian weddings
  • Why they all like the YMCA song
  • The special moment at the cutting of the wedding cake that Paul loved
  • How the event space impressed Steven
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You might think growing up in a small town in Texas wouldn’t prepare you to live the Italian lifestyle. But in many ways — the family values, the small town culture, the love of food — is very similar to what you’ll find in Italian culture. In fact, I expect it’s pretty universal. Having been married to an Italian for 20 years, it’s been fun to learn and explore the rich Italian culture and share it with you.