Enjoy our interview with our recent guests 10-year-old Geneva and her father Austin, who are traveling the world together.

Topics we cover:

  • An introduction to Austin and Geneva who made Villa Cappelli a pit stop on their world tour
  • Austin is single father traveling with his daughter Geneva who is 10 years old
  • The most recent cities they’ve visited after traveling for a year and a half
  • Whether our not they are in the witness protection program
  • Geneva was born in NY
  • She’s been to 31 countries at the ripe old age of 10
  • What her favorite country is (or does she have one?)
  • What Austin’s favorite countries are
  • The country that Austin believes everyone should visit (and surprisingly it’s NOT Italy).   We should have kicked him out of the villa right then.
  • How Austin decided to home school Geneva a couple of years ago based on the advice of one of her teachers
  • It was difficult in the beginning, but now Geneva works with her father to design her curriculum
  • Austin really wants her to be curious and to know herself
  • If you are interested, here are a couple of resource sites for homeschooling:



  • How homeschooling helps you really get to know your child and their strengths of weaknesses
  • How Austin and Geneva got to be a part of our harvest tour for 2016 and help us pick olives
  •  Why Austin decided to have Geneva as a single parent
  •  The process Austin went through, from surrogacy and more, in order to have Geneva
  • And how Geneva’s mother was actually Austin’s French teacher
  • How money wasn’t really fulfilling him and why he decided to have Geneva
  • Austin’s philosophy of people on the color spectrum
  • How they talked about changing their last names, and Austin’s was Frost and Geneva’s was Bagel, which she based on being a name that was used to pick on her in school
  • What it’s like for Geneva being the child of a gay father
  • Does she feel like anything is missing?
  • How Geneva has become a little sister to Casey
  • The difference between staying at a five-star hotel where no one is talking to each other and staying a Motel 6 where all the guests have BBQs together
  • Austin’s revelation in when he went for a walk at night and saw a bunch of people in their giant homes
  • If travel is part of Geneva’s education
  • Austin wanted Geneva to see America is not just “it”
  • Where Austin and Geneva’s home is
  • How in America you normally live in stand alone homes, but in Europe and especially Italy, where a majority of people live in apartment buildings, closer together and know their neighbors
  • How Italians live at home with their families until they get married
  • Whether Geneva would rather be traveling or settled down in a big home, aka “having the American” dream
  • Where Geneva feels her home is, everywhere and wherever her dad is
  • If you can save $10 a day, you’ll have $1200 after 3 months, so you save
  • How much more fun Austin and Geneva have had on their most recent trip with a smaller budget

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Here’s the Pinky and the Brain opening video we mentioned.

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