We talk with Italian-American trainer to the stars, Vinnie Tortorich, about his life growing up in an Italian family in Louisiana, his NSNG lifestyle and his new Pure Vitamin Club. WARNING: This episode is not family friendly. Any young ones should probably not listen.

A little intro to Vinnie:

He’s Hollywood’s go-to guy when it comes to health and fitness. A true celebrity fitness trainer. (He’s the guy training all those celebrities to look good on film and television)

He’s also the host of a hugely successful podcast with Anna Vocino where he dishes out health and fitness advice. He created the No Sugar, No Grain (NSNG) movement and thereby simplified healthy eating in one fell swoop.

He has written a best selling fitness book called Fitness Confidential, which to give you a quick reader’s digest of the book, talks about how Vinnie beat cancer many years ago and along the way gives you an inside look at the corrupt world of fitness and fitness products. The book, as of this recording, has 1078 reviews on Amazon, which is unheard of!

Topics we cover:

  • Why Vinnie doesn’t like Jillian Michaels
  • Why Vinnie says he’s not a “celebrity” on television
  • How Paul worked with Bob Harper
  • Why Steven loved Vinnie’s book Fitness Confidential
  • All our experiences with podcasting
  • Here’s a link to Vinnie’s Podcast
  • Vinnie’s Italian background
  • The food Vinnie grew up in Louisiana
  • Why Paul used to get beat up every day when he first moved to America
  • How the first Italian immigrants to America landed in Louisiana
  • Why perhaps some immigrants moved to places like Buffalo
  • How Vinnie heard the mafia was created
  • And how Paul heard the mafia was created
  • Paul’s Uncle’s theory on why perhaps the African American community didn’t progress as fast other ethnicities, which has to do with the mafia
  • How Vinnie grew up with a lot of Beyonces
  • How Vinnie’s grandparents lived in slave quarters in his best friend’s grandparent’s farm
  • A story of a former friend of ours that leaves Vinnie speechless
  • Vinnie’s rant about podcasts and podcasting
  • How Paul would get press back in the day
  • Vinnie’s take on the difference between prostitution and pornography
  • How no one can you in Italy whether prostitution is legal or illegal
  • How Italian men think it’s OK for them to cheat but not for a woman to cheat on them and why
  • How Vinnie’s girlfriend Serena Scott-Thomas was a Bond girl, one of the oldest when she did made the film The World Is Not Enough
  • Serena’s most recent film, Inherent Vice, where her picture ended up in the LA Times)
  • The new segments we want keep doing featuring Paul’s mother
  • The latest recipe featuring horse meat
  • How the recipes are always so simple
  • How Vinnie ate a lot of rabbit when he was young
  • How Vinnie’s grandmother always still found pellets after Vinnie cleaned the rabbits he was hunting
  • How Paul’s mother makes her ragu
  • Why Vinnie created a new kind of vitamin
  • Why Paul believes the hardest part of selling a pure vitamin or a pure extra virgin olive oil is educating consumers to understand that the other products are all cut with cheap fillers so the big companies can make money
  • How David Ogilvy changed the way companies talked to their customers
  • How Steven has lost 30 lbs. eating Vinnie’s NSNG diet

What’d you think of the interview? Any questions or comments for Vinnie or us? Leave them in the comments below. Grazie!

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