Traveling through Italy can be an amazing experience.  Discover tips, tricks, and advice to make the most of your travel in Italy.

Terlizzi Italy

028: Terlizzi — a foodie paradise

From amazing butchers to delicious cheeses to insanely fresh fruit and vegetables, you'll find it all in Terlizzi, Italy.  Being our "hometown," it holds...
Puglia Beaches

021: If you love seafood and beaches, you’ll love Puglia, Italy

The second part of our Puglia coast series we cover Puglia beaches and the southern coastal towns of Puglia, including Bisceglia, Molfetta, Giovinazzo, Poliganano...
Italian Villa Rental Italy Travel Tips Unisex bathrooms fb

Italian Travel Tip: Bathrooms

Don’t always expect to find a separate men and women’s room when in Italy. A lot of places only have a unisex bathroom usually...
Italy Villa Rental Italian travel tips light switch

Italian Travel Tip: Light Switches

When you're in Italy and you can't find the light switch to a room, check outside the entrance to the room.  A lot of...
ATM Facebook Google Link

Italy Travel Tip: Use ATMs

Get your money from an ATM, not from an exchange booth. You'll get a better exchange rate and you won't have to worry about...
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Italian Travel Tip: Ice

Italians don't use a lot of ice.  Be prepared to drink your water, soda and other beverages without ice, though they are usually cold...
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Italian Travel Tip: Cappuccino

Never order a cappuccino after noon in Italy. For Italians, it's really only a morning drink. They believe the heavy milk will hurt your...
Featured traveling with kids in Italy

012: Traveling in Italy with kids with director Scott Ellis and actor Scott...

We talk with director Scott Ellis and actor Scott Drummond, recent guests at the villa, all about their lives and how traveling in Italy...

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