The Italian lifestyle is one unmatched throughout the world.  From fashion to design, Italians have always celebrated and embraced the beauty of life.  Discover the amazing world of Italy and enjoy the ride!

Puglia Italy Weather

19 Reasons to love Puglia, Italy weather in the summer

There are lots of reasons to love Puglia, Italy weather, but in the summer it's taken to a new level. #1 Beautiful Beaches OK, this one...
Authentic Italian meals

039: One of the best authentic Italian meals ever

Antichi Sapori definitely serves one of the best authentic Italian meals ever — really one of the best meals ever period, Italian or not.And,...
Italian Villa Rental Italy Italian food artichokes

Italian Cooking Tip: Artichokes

Forget the lemon or vinegar.  To keep your artichokes from browning while you're waiting to cook them, just add a pinch of flour to...
Italian Food Italian cooking food tips seasonal fb

Italian Cooking Tip: Eat Seasonally

Shop like an Italian and buy only ingredients and foods in season. Everything will be more flavorful and nutritious. Plus, it inherently adds variety...
Italy Villa Cappelli Italian food tip onions

Italian Food Tip: Chopping Onions

For fewer tears, put your onion in the freezer 15 minutes before chopping.
Balsamic Vinegar

Italian Food Tip: Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Aged Balsamic Vinegar (15 years or more) pairs really well with Parmigiano-Reggiano. You only need a drop as the Balsamic will very strong, thick...
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Italian Travel Tip: Ice

Italians don't use a lot of ice.  Be prepared to drink your water, soda and other beverages without ice, though they are usually cold...