There are all kinds of Italian Culinary Tours, but we like to think ours is pretty special — that’s why I can say “best” because it’s ours. So Paul and I fire up the mics to talk about our Culture and Culinary Tour (better name perhaps to be determined).

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Topics we cover:

  • How busy we’ve been
  • Two podcast fans, Tom and Mary Deany, stayed with us recently
  • How Paul hasn’t changed to his winter drink yet
  • Planting our winter garden
  • Including a Carolina Reaper
  • Paul going crazy foraging for mushrooms
  • Paul took a selfie while foraging with his new friend

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  • If you have a good name for our Culture and Culinary tour, contact us.
  • The itinerary:


  • Arrival. Welcome lunch, dinner, and orientation.
  • As well as a limoncello lesson.


  • Foraging for vegetables and Castel del Monte.
  • Lunch at a nice seafood restaurant.
  • Pasta making class that night at the villa. We always make ravioli as we can have fun with the filling. This year Paul made one with peach, walnuts, and ricotta, trying to mimic the flavors of a pasta we had in Florence years and years ago.
  • Since the pasta has to dry, we have dinner in Terlizzi.


  • Food shopping with Paul in Terlizzi, visiting all his favorite vegetable, meat, bread, and cheese vendors.
  • Including a horse butcher shop.
  • Lunch/cooking class back at the villa
  • Dinner/cooking class that night at the villa with the food purchased that morning.


  • Alberobello
  • Polignano a Mare
  • Lunch at Grotta Palazzese, one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world with also very delicious food
  • A light dinner at the villa since it’s a big lunch at Grotta Palezzese
  • We should mention that there is a Happy Hour included every night before dinner as well


  • Bisceglie. Shopping at the local fish market.
  • Lunch/cooking class back at the villa
  • Jatta museum in Ruvo di Puglia that afternoon
  • Being as ancient necropolis, Ruvo actually supplies many of the Grecian urns in museums throughout the world
  • Dinner in Terlizzi


  • Trani. Tour this beautiful seaside town and it’s famous cathedral.
  • Canne della Battaglia, where Hannibal defeated the Roman army during the Second Punic War
  • Video of how Hannibal defeated the Roman

  • Light dinner at the villa


  • Matera. A beautifully preserved town that was recently chosen as the Culture Capital of Europe for 2019. The oldest continuously inhabited city in the world.
  • We do this tour during the day, but Paul and I just went to Matera at night and highly recommend visiting it then as well.
  • Lunch at Matera.
  • Finish the limoncello making lesson, seeing the final process. Then everyone gets to take home their own bottle of limoncello and a Villa Cappelli apron
  • Then we have a pizza party at the villa that night. We make our own pizzas in our pizza oven and everyone gets to take turns rolling out their own pizza dough and making their own pizzas.

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