Flowers featured ImageExperience another typical week in the life of an Italian, where we talk all about the amazing flowers from Terlizzi, foraging for mushrooms, putting in new stone floors and more!

You’ll hear:

  • Where the word “ciao” comes from
  • That Terlizzi, our nearby town, is one of the largest producers of fresh cut flowers
  • The florist from Terlizzi actually supply the Vatican with their flowers for special events
  • That the Pope has extra virgin olive oil from Terlizzi on his table
  • Just what was included in the amazing flower arrangements we had at the villa during last year’s wedding
  • About our appearance on the reality TV show, The Pitch
  • How we make our homemade sushi
  • About Paul’s wild asparagus hunting
  • All about Paul’s infamous mushroom discovery last year
  • Our other mushroom foraging adventures
  • Why our friend Rocky is moving from London to Italy
  • Why we love our old stone floors that we just put down
  • A bit about our heritage tour services for guests of the villa
To check us out on AMC’s The Pitch, click here to go to iTunes.  We’re in episodes 2 and 5 of season 1.
Some pics of the flowers from a wedding here at Villa Cappelli done by the same florist who supplies flowers to the Vatican.

Flowers 1 Flowers 2 flowers 3 flowers 4 flowers 5 flowers 6

Some of the morel mushrooms Paul found:

Morels 1 morels 2

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