Name Featured ImageIt’s the Italian name game. Paul and Steven start the episode talking about Paul’s trip to Florida, but then quickly progress into a conversation all about names in Italy. You’ll learn all about the funny nicknames in small towns, why married women here don’t take their husband’s last name, and why there are no juniors in Italy.

You’ll learn:

  • About Paul’s trip to Florida to surprise his mother for her birthday
  • How the surprise got ruined
  • Why Paul suddenly likes Florida
  • How Italian last names can indicate the region of your family’s heritage: if it ends in an “i” they are usually from the north and if it ends in an “o” they are from the south.
  • What it means when a person has thelast name of a town in Italy
  • A bit about the Jewish ghettos in Italy
  • Where the words “ghetto” and “graffiti” come from
  • How some of the orphans got their names in Italy
  • Why the families here in Italy all have family nicknames
  • What Paul’s family’s nickname — the Dirt Eaters — exactly means
  • Why women here do not take their husband’s last name
  • Why there are no juniors here in Italy
  • Why all a lot of first cousins have the same name, first AND last
  • Why there are so many guys named Nicola in the Bari area
  • What the heck Santa Claus has to do with Bari and Puglia
  • Paul’s friend David Lucas’s association to Blue Oyster Cult’s song Don’t Fear the Reaper and the famous Saturday Night Live skit about the song and the cowbell
  • How Paul feels Miami is very up and coming
  • Our big pig experiment
Here’s a pic of us in the caps and aprons Paul’s daughter Niki had made for us by ChefWorks. If you’d like something done yourself, contact her directly at [email protected]

Paul and Steven apron

Here’s the video of the skit Paul talked about in the podcast:


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