Featured traveling with kids in Italy

We talk with director Scott Ellis and actor Scott Drummond, recent guests at the villa, all about their lives and how traveling in Italy has been, especially with two small children.

Topics we cover:

  • Ellis’ experience with a naked Bradley Cooper in Elephant Man
  • What Italians call people with elephantiasis (it’s flattering)
  • Which craft Drummond prefers, stage or television
  • Why Paul can’t remember the lyrics of any Italian song, but why it doesn’t remember
  • Drummond’s experience on the new Tina Fey and Amy Poehler film Sisters
  • Why the Appian Way contributes to the phrase “all roads lead to Rome”
  • Why Scott & Scott fell in love with the place and might get married here (we hope)
  • What stars ratings mean when it comes to a hotel
  • Why Drummond feels Puglia is a more authentic Italy
  • What it’s like traveling in Italy with kids
  • What’s the advantage traveling with friends and families who also have kids
  • How fun it was to cook with the kids in the kitchen and the lessons the kids learned from that
  • How the parents approached the eating and meals in Italy telling them they need to try new things while here
  • Ellis’ amazing creation of Saint Silence day
  • Ellis’ experience with the Puglian food
  • Paul’s take on Slow Food
  • Why 90% of our meals are all about Paul’s shopping


Tips for traveling with kids in Italy

1. Traveling with kids in Italy: food

When traveling with kids in Italy, or any other foreign country, tell them ahead of time they must be open to trying new dishes. This will make it easier when visiting restaurants in Italy and finding food they will eat. Also prepare kids ahead of time and let them know they may taste food that is not the same as what they normally get home. For instance, you won’t find spaghetti and meatballs in true Italian restaurants and there really is no such thing as thick crust pizza. However, in Italy you can always find a lot of food many kids will like.

On that same note, pick restaurants where you want to eat not always what the kids want to eat. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any restaurant that can’t at least make a pasta with a tomato sauce or pasta with cheese for those picky eaters.

Also remember, stores close at 1PM and reopen from 4PM to 8PM. So expect long lunches starting at 1PM, and you probably won’t find many places open for dinner before 8PM.

2. Traveling with kids in Italy: language

Italians always appreciate it if you try to use a little of their language. Have some fun with the kids and teach them some basic phrases like ciao for “hello,” grazie for “thank you” and prego for “you’re welcome.” The basics will help them show some manners when interacting with Italians, and it will be fun to immerse them a little bit in the culture.

3. Traveling with kids in Italy: entertainment

Sometimes you just want a little downtime from all the tourist attractions. During this time, don’t count on television providing any sort of entertainment for your kids while traveling in Italy. Television is all in Italian, even the American cartoons. Cards and board games, especially the mini travel kinds, can help fill this downtime for your kids. Be prepared to leave behind these games making room in your luggage for souvenirs you pick up along the way. If they are old enough, it might be fun for your kids to have a travel journal to document each day’s activities.

4. Traveling with kids in Italy: car or train

When traveling in Italy, you are sure to travel by car or train at some point to see different sites in the area. Remember to bring water, cups, and snacks in the car to satisfy hungry and thirsty kids. It’s also fun to keep them entertained with all the new sites of the Italian countryside you’ll be driving through. And always have in your back pocket some fun car games if they really need to be entertained.

5. Traveling with kids in Italy: traveling with friends and family

One way to make traveling in Italy or anywhere else much easier on you is to travel with friends and family that have the kids around the same age as yours. The kids will immediately have playmates so they entertain each other and stay out of your hair. It makes the trip a lot more fun for your kids and a lot easier on you. For such trips, we recommend you rent the space just like the Villa Cappelli with lots of rooms for everybody and a pool to entertain the kids. It makes your trip much more relaxed and easier when you can all gather in common spaces, cook meals together, and have delicious dinners without having to worry about getting back to a hotel room. Look for these spaces on sites like Homeaway.com and Flipkey.com.

6. Traveling with kids in Italy: site seeing

When it comes to seeing the sights in Italy, we recommend you pick exploration over museums. What we mean by this is that dragging a kid through museum will not be fun for you or them. But bringing history to life by taking them to ancient ruins, human cave dwellings, or coliseums. Doing something active while also enjoying the rich history of Italy will keep you both happy and immersed in the Italian culture.

7. Traveling with kids in Italy: eat lots of gelato

Traveling with kids in Italy gives you the best excuse in the world to eat gelato at least once a day. Remember, gelato has less calories and fat than ice cream, and you won’t find more delicious gelato in a range of flavors anywhere else. So enjoy!



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