Featured PancettaItalian meat! Paul and Steven talk about Paul’s trip to Tuscany to visit family and the wonders of prosciutto, pancetta and sausage from Italy. Hopefully you’re not too hungry after listening to this episode.

Topics covered include:

  • Paul’s problem with the Tuscan airport
  • Paul’s arrival in America and a peek at why his ego is so big
  • Why Paul can literally say “That prosciutto has my name on it.”
  • What is unusual about Tuscan bread (hint: it has no salt)
  • One theory of why the bread is unsalted
  • Raw sausage and why we love it
  • How to eat raw sausage
  • How to freeze the sausage if you need to
  • Why his cousin’s pancetta is so amazing
  • Why people call the pancetta “the baby”
  • How we were able to get some pancetta back to the U.S. one trip
  • How women play a big part in the prosciutto and pancetta production
  • How Paul’s trip brought on a wave of nostalgia
  • Our advice on buying your own prosciutto or pancetta
  • And what to serve with your prosciutto
A young Paul after moving to America.
A young Paul after moving to America.
Pancetta curing.
Pancetta curing.

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