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Win over $700 in Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, food, and cookbooks!

Prizes include:

  • An autographed copy of Anna Vocino’s best selling cookbook Eat Happy  ($34.95)
  • One half-hour phone consultation with star cook Anna Vocino ($150)
  • Two 3L tins of pure Villa Cappelli EVOO ($199.98)
  • One 500mL bottle Villa Cappelli EVOO ($24.99)
  • One 500mL bottle of Organic Villa Cappelli EVOO ($34.99)
  • One jar of Villa Cappelli Bay Leaves ($9.99)
  • One 500mL bottle of Artisinal Red Wine Vinegar ($12.99)
  • Two Villa Cappelli Spaghettata Spicy Spice Blends ($13.98)
  • Two bags of Villa Cappelli 100% Italian Sea Salts ($15.98)
  • Two bags of Villa Cappelli Italian Herb Sea Salts ($17.98)
  • Two bags of Villa Cappelli Italian Lemon Sea Salts ($17.98)
  • One Villa Cappelli Erbe Di Puglia ($6.99)
  • One Villa Cappelli Spicy Sun-Dried Tomato Spread ($8.49)
  • One Villa Cappelli  Sun-Dried Tomato Spread ($8.49)
  • One Villa Cappelli  Sun-Dried Tomatoes ($8.49)
  • Four bags of Villa Cappelli “Crack” Fava Chips ($27.96)
  • Bonus recipes from Anna Vocino ($19.99)
  • A free half-hour phone consultation with celebrity fitness trainer, Vinnie Tortorich ($100)

Why are we doing this?

Long story short, we are Mom and Pop gals and guys competing against giant food corporations with million dollar budgets.

This contest helps us reach folks like you and spread the word about quality food and healthy eating.

What are people saying about us?

On Villa Cappelli:

  • “I can’t go back to using any other olive oil. It’s ADDICTING!!!!!” — Nare P.
  • “Best Olive Oil on Planet. I use it on everything as it’s so versatile, salads, cooking, baking, roasting, the list goes on!” — Luke T.
  • “I don’t think I really understood how good olive oil could be until I had the product from Villa Cappelli…..VC makes a product full of flavor, rich in complexity and full of love.” — Diane E.

On Eat Happy:

  • “This cookbook deserves no less than 5 stars….I wish I could give it more!” — Anzura
  • “I’ve never been much of a cook until this book. Every recipe works and is sooooo delicious!!!” — Marina B.
  • “A must-have for anyone dealing with autoimmune or mood issues, such as celiac, fibromyalgia, RA, depression, eating disorders” — Jody R.
Anna Vocino


Paul Cappelli
& Steven Crutchfield


Who we are, in case you didn’t know by now….

Anna Vocino

When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m an actor, comic, voice overer, blogger, and podcaster.

Celiac and Gluten Free since 2002, I wrote Eat Happy to recreate gluten free versions of comfort food favorites from my half Italian, half Southern-girl heritage.

In 2012, I partnered with the inimitable Vinnie Tortorich to co-host and produce The Angriest Trainer Podcast, and my recipes these days are mostly free from sugars and grains—the Vinnie term is NSNG—No Sugars No Grains. I use fresh ingredients whenever possible, and I keep things simple.

NSNG and cooking has changed my life, so I hope I can help it change yours.

Paul Cappelli & Steven Crutchfield

We’ve been hosting, cooking and touring Italy for over 13 years, and like you, we love everything Italian. The food, the culture, the people — all of it.  It really comes down to living life to its fullest, which Italians do every day.

In a former life, we were both international advertising creatives, creating some award winning famous ads. However, we grew tired of corporate life and Italy was calling.

So we moved to Puglia, Italy, and created Villa Cappelli, an agriturismo hosting guests from around the world while making Italian food products for people like you.

We love sharing our love of Italy, and all of our products — all 100% Italian, natural, and delicious — are our way of giving you just a little taste of Italy.

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You might think growing up in a small town in Texas wouldn’t prepare you to live the Italian lifestyle. But in many ways — the family values, the small town culture, the love of food — is very similar to what you’ll find in Italian culture. In fact, I expect it’s pretty universal. Having been married to an Italian for 20 years, it’s been fun to learn and explore the rich Italian culture and share it with you.