From amazing butchers to delicious cheeses to insanely fresh fruit and vegetables, you’ll find it all in Terlizzi, Italy.  Being our “hometown,” it holds a special place in our hearts here at Villa Cappelli. In this episode, we’ll take you a short tour of this charming town and what makes it so special — and it’s not just the food.

Topics we cover:

  • The status of our extra virgin olive oil shipment for this year
  • Whey have to ship our 500 mL bottle’s labels all the way from Japan
  • What people call their “country homes” here in Italy
  • The national graffiti contest featured as your enter Terlizzi
  • How Italians always manage to save money
  • How Terlizzi is known as the city of flowers, being the largest fresh cut flower producer in all of Italy
  • The rules of the Living Villa Cappelli drinking game:
    • every time Paul corrects Steven, you have to take a drink
    • every time Paul contradicts himself, you have to chug your whole drink
  • Terlizzi is also known for its ceramics, which we use for some our extra virgin olive oil
  • How the town is also famous for its butchers
  • People shop individual butcher shops, not from the supermarket
  • Paul has a butcher for each different meat we want — beef, pork, horse, or chicken
  • How Paul also has different vendor with a stand alone shop for different fruits and vegetables, and even bread
  • How the cheese shops are amazing here, but they tend to have only local cheeses
  • The amazing fresh mozzarella you can find in town
  • And the local stracciatella and burrata
  • Our recipe for Caprese salad
  • The fresh ricotta cheese that’s also amazing
  • The clock tower of Terlizzi, which is the largest back light clock tower in Europe after Big Ben
  • The amazing tree-lined street that surrounds the old town that used to be the moat of the old town
  • The medieval old town of Terlizzi
  • Our amazing rib recipe
  • Why the church in this area, from the 1700s, is still called the “new church”
  • Why you can find pieces of the old church all over town
  • The beautiful area in Terlizzi where every night people take their passeggiata
  • Santa Maria di Nuova, the other church in town and the amazing frescoes of Joseph and his multi-colored coat. Check out his story here or here.
  • To check out the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat here
  • How Terlizzi once belonged to Monte Carlo
  • The different spots where you can get married in Terlizzi, and how Villa Cappelli is one of them
  • How Terlizzi and Sovereto, a suburb of Terlizzi, were named one of the most beautiful places in Italy
  • The sheep paths surrounding the area, including right by Villa Capppelli
  • Paul’s Facebook group Terlizzi, USA
  • The new Facebook group Paul will be starting with pictures of properties you can buy in the areaSave