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What role do Italian women play in their society? How about American women? Does it differ? Joe and Andrea Lathe-Vitale return for the second part of our sit down with them around the kitchen table. Things got a little political and we discussed a bit how we have seen women’s places in Italian culture and society.


Topics we cover:

  • A couple of reasons homes stay in families for so long
  • How Italy does not let anyone go by the wayside — they take care of you
  • How there is only one homeless person in all of Terlizzi
  • Why the women do not want the men to do any housework, according to Paul
  • How women didn’t want Steven to help clear the table
  • How Italians always figured out a way to put away money
  • Paul’s memory of Christmas Clubs
  • How a lot of men from Southern Italy were icemen in the summer and home heating oil in the winter
  • What jobs were listed on the records for Andrea’s family
  • How women used to not able to pass down Italian citizenship to their family
  • Pay inequality in America with men v. women
  • How women still get the short end of the stick still in America
  • Why we renamed our Red Tropea Onion Conserve Cipolon’
  • Here is Joe and Andrea’s site again to order their hot stuff: Fancy Cat Sauce Co.

How to open our Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L Tin:

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You might think growing up in a small town in Texas wouldn’t prepare you to live the Italian lifestyle. But in many ways — the family values, the small town culture, the love of food — is very similar to what you’ll find in Italian culture. In fact, I expect it’s pretty universal. Having been married to an Italian for 20 years, it’s been fun to learn and explore the rich Italian culture and share it with you.