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Love spicy food? Ever wonder what Italian healthcare (ranked #2 in the world) is like?  In this, the first of a two part interview, we discuss both topics with Joe and Andrea Lathe-Vitale. These two are making the big move to Italy as well as making their own line of hot sauces. Finally, near the end of the podcast, we get into how the healthcare is here in Italy compared to the U.S.

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Topics we cover:

  • How Andrea and Joe are planning on moving to Italy
  • Our common love for hot sauces
  • How they name their products after their cats
  • You’ll find their products at Fancy Cat Sauce Co.
  • Joe’s favorite pepper
  • Finding the right mix of flavor and heat when it comes to hot sauces
  • Joe and Andrea’s visit to the mill
  • The ibuprofen properties of extra virgin olive oil
  • Where I first learned about it in Extra Virginity
  • Why Steven doesn’t fear fat (and how he lost 30 lbs. — Be sure to check out Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Vocino’s podcast for more info and Vinnie’s best-selling book)
  • Did some kid really die from eating a Carolina Reaper? We couldn’t find this to be true, but if you know about it, let us know.
  • Joe and Andree’s decision to move to Italy
  • L’arte di arrangiarsi “the art of getting by” v. America which is all about “the art of getting ahead.”
  • How we believe the health care in Italy contributes to l’arte di arrangiarsi. (Here’s an article talking about Italy being ranked the 2nd Healthiest Country in the World)
  • What the doctors’ offices are here like in Italy
  • How Italian doctors make house calls
  • How the casual, friendly nature of doctors in Italy actually makes them feel less profession to Americans
  • The cost of prescriptions in Italy
  • Below is the video Steven was talking about where John discusses the reasons why the U.S. spend so much more on health care than any other country in the world.    The term Steven couldn’t think of is inelastic demand.

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You might think growing up in a small town in Texas wouldn’t prepare you to live the Italian lifestyle. But in many ways — the family values, the small town culture, the love of food — is very similar to what you’ll find in Italian culture. In fact, I expect it’s pretty universal. Having been married to an Italian for 20 years, it’s been fun to learn and explore the rich Italian culture and share it with you.