After a short catch up on life at the villa, including a couple of culinary tours and our harvest of peppers, you’ll learn about our PLUS method (Price. Label. Understanding. Source) which you can use to help ensure the extra virgin olive oil you are buying is truly extra virgin olive oil.

Topics we cover:

  • Why you should always back up your computer’s hard drive with an external drive like this one or a cloud based system
  • Our two culinary tours and one bike tour we just had
  • The first culinary tour with chefs Michael Howell and Michael Blackie
  • Canada’s premiere food film festival Devour!
  • Michael Blackie’s restaurant Next
  • The fun with have with HETravel tours at Villa Cappelli
  • Some of our favorite restaurants in the area, including Grotta Palazzese and Antichi Sapori
  • Why most Italian restaurants don’t like serving kids
  • Why it’s hard for Italian restaurants here in Italy, from the number of seatings to alcohol consumption
  • Why you shouldn’t order off the menu in an Italian restaurant
  • Paul’s long lost cousins from California that recently visited us
  • Our Facebook group, Terlizzi USA
  • Our shipment we’re preparing for the US
  • Paul and his peppers, from Habaneros to the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper
  • Why we called our spicy products, KTM, Kit a Mut or Curse the Dead
  • The Scoville Scale for rating peppers and what it means, which essential the Smithsonian Magazine explains better than me: The idea was to dilute an alcohol-based extract made with the given pepper until it no longer tasted hot to a group of taste testers. The degree of dilution translates to the SHU. In other words, according to the Scoville scale, you would need as many as 5,000 cups of water to dilute 1 cup of tobasco sauce enough to no longer taste the heat.
    Some of the health benefits of peppers, including lowering blood pressure, thinning blood and helping HEAL ulcers
  • Some of our other conserves like our Plum Conserves
  • A video series on Italian television about the fraud in the olive oil industry
  • Why the politicians are one of the biggest problems, including laws that confiscated oil has to be proven bad within three days time and customs officials are held personally responsible for any losses a company may experience if the company fights the charges brought against them
  • The economics of extra virgin olive oil and how it’s impossible to sell extra virgin olive oil for as little amount of money that big companies do
  • Our PLUS method to insure you what are buying is truly extra virgin olive oil
    • Price. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
    • Label. Look for seals like DOP and the origin of olives.
    • Understanding. Know that terms like “light” and “pure” olive oil are just marketing terms.
    • Source. Know where your extra virgin olive oil comes from. Trust a farm, not a factory.
  • Why you shouldn’t be fooled by green oil




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